THE REF: Sad Eli Manning, NBA Flops, and MORE [Click for full post]

Every week, Chris Barth updates you on the important events in the sporting world – the ones you may have heard of and the ones you definitely missed. He’s watching the games and calling things as he sees them. This is The Ref.

Baseball’s Top Free Agent, Josh Hamilton, Said He Wants A 7-Year Contract Worth $175 Million

Rangers centerfielder Josh Hamilton, thought by most to be the top free agent available in baseball’s offseason, announced that he is looking for a 7-year contract worth at least $175 million. Hamilton, who will turn 32 in May, reportedly is also seeking a perpetual motion machine, six unicorns, and “someone who has met Harry Potter” because he has “a really important question for him.”

Play Of The Week: Sam Gordon

A highlight tape featuring a 9-year-old girl absolutely dominating a pee wee football league. The video, which features Sam Gordon repeatedly outrunning her competition, breaking tackles, making tackles, and taking hits, has been going viral on the information super highway. And now, we bring it to YOU! [Click to view full post & video]

hahahaha!!!!!! ;)